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Regulatory & Environmental Factors

Evolving Industry Mentality 

Bio-Remediation continues to be a growing trend in the oil & gas industry. For a number of reasons, which fall into both the pragmatic and idealistic categories, O&G operating companies are utilizing bio-based solutions at an increasing pace:

Public Pressure

As social media plays a larger role in the lives of Americans, and the mission of environmental activist groups reach further into the populace through national coverage, Bio-Remediation becomes a favorable solution for O&G drilling and operational activities

Regulatory Advancements

Our population continues to grow and expand, making it necessary for the energy industry to develop to meet increased demands. Under this scenario, smarter solutions to the effects of energy production need to evolve as well, and Bio-Remediation is one avenue of environmental stewardship.

Industry Pioneers

Many O&G companies are seeking ways to separate themselves and exemplify a more responsible Environmental Sustainability. With improvements in the field of Bio-Rremediation, particularly in its capabilities and cost-effectiveness, harnessing this eco-friendly resource becomes an attractive option.

Liability Reductions

Several O&G practices are now recognized, by both federal and state authorities, as viable for recycling and “beneficial re-use” activity. Through a process of Bio-Treatment, recycling and re-use, the impact of activities that once carried significant potential future environmental liabilities can be nullified and the liability potential abated or eliminated.

While many in the Oil & Gas industry today lament the increased stringency of disposal regulations, it isn’t all bad news for the operator. Government organizations have tightened the rules, but they have also allowed for the operator to benefit by adhering to those rules. Environmental liabilities, that were once always attached to drilling waste in perpetuity, can now be eliminated by employing a proactive recycling effort. The result is a more focused effort to protect the public and a corporate benefit in liability reductions and sustainability.

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