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Traditionally bioremediation has referred to naturally occurring organisms degrading pollutants into a benign state. Natural process, while they sometimes work, almost always take a fair amount of time. Recently, another term has come into use to describe a more active process that takes much less time and produces measurable and repeatable results. That term is enhanced bioremediation, or sometimes, engineered bioremediation.

Boldwater USA uses just such an approach to rapidly remediate hydrocarbon contamination of drilling wastes and soils. The Boldwater process (really processes) involves using a biological agent, water, and appropriate nutrients, to rapidly and economically breakdown hydrocarbon contaminants into their constituent products of carbon dioxide, water and oxygen.

Without such an aggressive approach, hydrocarbons left in soil can take years to degrade–if ever. Using the Enhanced approach Boldwater employs, resolves a potential long term problem quickly, efficiently and economically.

The Remediation Solution That Pays For Itself

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