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The Remediation Solution That Pays For Itself


As an oil and gas operator, if you are burying or hauling solid drilling wastes from your drill site to a permitted disposal facility you are almost certainly wasting time and, very likely, your investor’s money. Plus you have only satisfied a short term issue instead of achieving a long term solution to your drilling waste disposal challenge.

Boldwater USA has developed patent pending processes that first remediates and then recycles solid drilling waste at the well site while you drill the well with no disruption to your drilling operations.

Boldwater’s field proven processes exceed the high quality TxDOT requirements for road base material which is at your lease site and ready to be used for roads or drill pads. The processes are EPA qualified, TxRRC*permitted and vetted, and fully compliant with Rule 8 and 16 TAC.

When you consider the cost of dirt work to bury the waste, or the associated trucking and disposal fees, along with the cost of purchasing road base and hauling it into your site, the cost of implementing the Boldwater solutions will easily pay for itself in addition to eliminating all future environmental liabilities associated with your solid drilling wastes.

With our turnkey and permitted field services, we document each job, provide third party lab reports to quantify the success of the remediation and recycling effort, giving you the assurance and confirmation that you have eliminated all long term liabilities. These assurances can then be demonstrated to support: mergers and acquisitions, reduce insurance requirements, eliminate balance sheet reserves, support land and asset valuations and even to support regulatory compliance and reviews, if ever necessary.

The Boldwater technology has had 100 percent success remediating hydrocarbon contamination using its 100 percent natural microbial based bioremediation processes to rapidly complete hydrocarbon remediation within hours of achieving Total Depth.


*The Texas Railroad Commission, through its Oil and Gas Division, regulates the exploration, production, and transportation of oil and natural gas in Texas. Its statutory role is to (1) prevent waste of the state’s natural resources, (2) to protect the correlative rights of different interest owners, (3) to prevent pollution, and (4) to provide safety in matters such as hydrogen sulfide.

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